Data Collection and Digital Asset Information Repository

ADL offers a complete data collection service using our Field Data Collection Kits (FDC-Kit). Field Data Collection Kits are deployed in a protective case with integrated chargers. The Kits are equipped with a tablet for user interface, RFID tag reader, precision GPS, and multimeter. This integrated set of tools allows clients to easily collect data on surface facilities, right of way assets, pipeline construction, dig programs, cathodic protection and more. This process includes the creation of digital asset identities as well as collection of asset information.
Collection of data in this manner creates a digital asset information repository that is sustained automatically by staff performing maintenance or inspections while equipped with FDC-Kits. This data is formatted to fully integrate with client enterprise resource planning packages such as SAP or Maximo, increasing the value of existing client software investments.

ADL RFID Tags and Reader


Laser Scanning & 3D Solid Modeling

Advanced Data Logistics uses LIDAR laser scanning technology to capture point cloud data of installed fixtures and assets at surface facilities. These point clouds are used to render 3D solid models of scanned equipment which can then be used to generate a range of value added deliverables.

3D Render of Asset With High-Level Component Labeling

3D Solid Model of Plant Asset as Displayed on ADL Tablet

Corrosion Circuits, Corrosion Monitoring Locations and 3D Isometrics

ADL uses the 3D solid models to generate spatially accurate 3D isometric drawings of installed assets and piping. These isometrics can be reduced to industry standard piping and instrumentation (PnID) diagrams at the request of the client. 3D isometrics are annotated by the client and ADL with corrosion monitoring locations and corrosion circuit information, creating fully functioning compliance monitored corrosion circuits for all in-service equipment in a facility.

3D Isometric With Color-Coded Corrosion Circuits and Annotated Corrosion Monitoring Locations

3D Printed Physical Asset Model

Physical models can be printed for any portion of the plant.  Whole, sectioned, interior, or cut-away replicas are all readily created.

The ability to represent different piping arrangements and assets to scale in space in front of project planners, maintenance staff and other stakeholders presents unique planning and analysis advantages unavailable to clients using digital files only.

Physical manipulation of the model allows clients to generate a comprehensive understanding of asset shapes, interferences and orientation, as well as for operations to demonstrate necessary work to project planners and managers. It allows for professional consultation on a scale model to occur in an office, eliminating the necessity for travel to the field. This also provides safety advantages, removing office staff from field environment.

High Quality 3D Printed Asset Model