Advanced Data Logistics

Advanced Data Logistics is an energy industry field asset data collection and data management leader proudly incorporated and operating  in Calgary, Alberta.

We have created intelligent data solutions and continue to refine and advance our system to meet the needs of the modern producer. Our clients continue to advance with the ever increasing necessity to implement digital oilfield solutions for inventory tracking, risk-based integrity management and productivity increases.

ADL provides a range of data collection and other services based on our field-up data collection system. This system collects a larger quantity of higher quality data, and is centered around our rugged, waterproof Field Data Collection Kits, or FDC-Kits. These kits are built for life in the field, and have been deployed to sites across Alberta, Canada and the USA successfully for over 5 years. ADL’s process of capturing high-quality data, and turning that data into actionable information is visualized below

Advanced Data Logistics is the complete solution provider for your transition into the digital oilfield.

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